Our Story

Grant’s aims to make the word a more peaceful place.

The goal of my life is to gain and maintain peace of mind. To me, it is all that matters. If you have X but don’t have peace of mind, do you really have it? Can you really enjoy it? What is peace anyway, and where can I find it? These are the questions stirring in my mind after reaching the mountaintop in my previous welding career. I realised that I was the big fish in the pond...but I was not happy. I saw that I could keep going and tackle bigger ponds but it would end up in the same cycle chasing the same abstract carrot of happyness. So I stopped. Peace was my new life's mission.

Long story short, after various other adventures, teachers, and lessons, I came to realize that balance is the path to peace. I also found that change is the only constant...ironic. So, if I was to achieve my goal of peace, I would need to spend my time creating balance through change. The more balance you integrate into your life, the stronger your foundation, and the more peace you can enjoy. I came to understand that God is love, love is balance, and you love yourself and others by helping them achieve balance in their lives. Because life is a verb, this act can be called congruent integration. You can’t give what you don’t have,  so I changed my focus to achieving internal gratification versus relying on external stimuli to meet my needs.

After validating these believes, that love comes from inside, from how you view the world. I understood that love, or balance, is the true wealth I was seeking. The story of Vimalakirti captivated me and I sought a vehicle to express the peace that I found.

His wealth was inexhaustible but he used it chiefly to sustain the poor and the helpless. In fact, whatever he did, he did for others. He observed a pure morality in order to protect the immoral. To reconcile being who were angry and violent, he maintained tolerance and self control. He blazed with energy in order to inspire the lazy, maintained concentration and meditation in order to support the mentally troubled and achieved incisive wisdom in order to assist the foolish. He showed up at the sports fields and the casinos,, but his aim was always to help develop those who were mindlessly attached to sports and gambling. He mixed in all crowds, yet was respected as foremost of all.

He engaged in all sorts of businesses, yet had no interest in profit or possessions. He would appear at crossroads and on street corners to teach people, and to protect them he participated in government. To help children develop, he visited all the schools, To demonstrate the evils of desire, he entered the brothels. He was honored as a business man among businessmen because he was dedicated only to the truth and as a landlord among landlords because he renounced any aggression connected with ownership.

Vimalakirti’s name means “Stainless Repute”: he could function in the world without being in any way tarnished. (From Mindfulness and Money, pg 19)

Vimalakirti’s story lead me to found Grant’s. On a biological level, I have found that the green smoothie is pound for pound the best thing you can put in your body. A regular diet of diverse blended greens creates nutritional harmony mission from the average american diet. But we all know we what is good for us. By taking it a step further, and cutting out all of the obstacles in the way of consistent nutrition, I believe I have created a peace machine! Grant's is a dojo of Love!

Pass it on!